2021.11.14 Remnant - Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14)

Isaiah 7:14

700 Years

Matthew 1:23

▷ The greatest word of all answers is “Immanuel.” That’s Isaiah 7:14. However, there weren’t any answers for 700 years after the words of this prophecy came out. Most people did not believe, but it was fulfilled in Matthew 1:23. Since there was no answer for 700 years, so people thought there was an absence of answers; however, the important point was that people continued to enjoy this covenant in between.

▣ Introduction_


The Throne, Time & Space, & 237 Light


1:27, 2:7, & 2:1-18

Unprecedented and Never-Again

▷ So, if Remnants pray just a little, new talents will emerge. Where do they come from? They come from the throne, time and space, and the 237 light. Most of the people who changed the age didn’t use the talents that they had found when they were young. In some ways, the talents that you have found now may not be very important. Those who truly met God came out of this place (The Throne, Time & Space, and the 237 Light) and found new talents. That was the Triune God.

▷ It didn’t end with that. In Genesis 1:27, God planted His life in the form of His image within people alone. In Genesis 2:7, He breathed into them the “breath of life” that saved the soul. The reason why believers don’t receive answers even if they go to church is that this part can’t be saved. These parts (The Throne, Time & Space, and the 237 Light) must be connected. This is prayer. In Genesis 2:1-18, something greater than the Garden of Eden was restored. These are the talents that comes from here.

▷ Then, there are the unprecedented and never-repeated that God has prepared for you. This is true talent. Like this, (The Throne, Time & Space, & the 237 Light + Ge. 1:27, Ge. 2:7, & Ge. 2:1-18 + Unprecedented and Never-Repeated), they are perfectly connected. In other words, they are the “3 Transcendences” that come from the Triune God. Those who completely changed the age found these talents because they believed in God.

▷ Isaiah saw this. Looking at that, he discovered a few things.

1. You’ll Discover What the True Gospel Is

1) The Triune God is your eternal background.

2) Your soul that was dead is now revived.

3) You’ll receive unprecedented and never-repeated answers that can't be taken away (Joseph & David)

2. True Prayer

3. True Evangelism

▣ Main_ Hold onto the Five Mysteries of Immanuel

1. Captives – Failure and Despair

▷ It was prophesied that the nation of Israel was going into captivity. We’ll have failures and despair. Don't lose of them. Are you facing difficulties? Don't lose hold of them. Most people avoid them. They run away. They hate them. The answers are there. It may seem like you’re going into disappointment and despair, but in reality, you’re going on a mission.

1) The Root – The original root is the covenant and the root is Christ.

2) The Stump – This signifies your predecessors and adults who relayed the Gospel before you.

3) New Sprouts (RTs) - New sprouts rise and become a tree and that tree becomes a forest.

2. The Solution

The solution to all problems is Immanuel (Isaiah 7:14). No matter how big a problem may be, the answer is Immanuel.

1) A virgin shall conceive and bear a son - The person who will become the Messiah or Christ must not be a descendant of man.

2) Immanuel - God is with us.

3) The power of darkness is completely destroyed.

3. The Accurate Word (Isaiah 40:1-31)

The accurate Word to save the world was given.

1) “Flowers wither but the Word of the Lord stands forever.”

2) Can God be compared with a demon? Can God be compared to man-made idols?

3) “But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;”

4. A Mission (Isa 60:1-22)

1) “Arise and shine.” - You are the light.

2) Remnants from afar will return full of treasures (missions).

3) Verses 20-22: “The least one shall become a clan, and the smallest one a mighty nation;”

▷ All problems are the beginning of missions, and all answers are Christ through Immanuel. The exact power of Immanuel is the Word.

5. Identity and Authority of True Immanuel

1) Established as a Watchman

2) Prepare a Highway

3) Raise a Flag for All the Nations

▣ Conclusion_ If you do not know these facts, you’ll become colonized and a person a of a wandering nation. You’ll also have to run errands for the 3 organizations. But when you know these facts, everything will be restored.
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