2021.11.14 2nd Service - Eternal Things (Isaiah 40:27-31)

▣ Introduction

The Things That God Sees as the Most Important

1. The Pentateuch - Moses received many miracles and

answers, but what was more valuable than those were

the words that he left behind.

2. The Books - Major & Minor Prophets - More important

than the activities of kings; priests; and prophets was

leaving behind and relaying the Word.

3. Paul’s Epistles - One of the reasons why God used Paul

a great deal was his ability to write down the Word and

leave it behind.

4. Bible Translation – The reason why God worked upon

Martin Luther because common people were able to see

the Bible and the printing press emerged.

5. Worship – This is the greatest deed for people. The

greatest work during worship is holding onto the Word


▷ Interpreters; translators; and all businesspeople, How should you do your work?

1) This blessing, in which the Triune God transcends time and space with the power and blessing of the throne, and shines the 237 light will be established in your work.

2) Genesis 1:27 – God’s Spirit planted in you becomes revived. Genesis 2:7 - God breathed the “breath of life” into your nostrils to revive your soul. Genesis 2:1-18 - The blessing of restoring the lost Garden of Eden will be established in your work. .

3) At this time, an unprecedented and never-repeated answer that no one can see begins to come. This is everything. This is prayer, and this is the answer. These are the greatest blessings.

▷ All of you will become eternal missionaries .

Take a closer look at today’s verses.

1) Comfort - Comfort people with God’s Word.

2) The Way - “Prepare the way of the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” It seems like your running an errand, but you’re straightening the highway.

3) Beautiful News - “O Zion, herald of good news. Lift up your voice.”

4) New Strength - “They who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength.” Relay this.

▣ Main

1. Proclaim It from the Mountaintop and Rooftop (Isaiah 40:1-8)

1) Make all people hear.

2) Things That Will Fade - “The grass withers and flowers fade.”

3) Eternal Things - “The Word of our God will stand forever.” If you go inside the Word, your spiritual problems will be healed.

2. Urgently Share This with People Who Are on the Edge of Destruction

1) “Lift up your voice.” - Urgent

2) He will tend to his flock and gather them in his arms.

3) Compare – To whom can you compare God? Can you compare God’s Word? Can God and demons be compared? Can God be compared to man-made idols?

3. Relay to Committed Workers

1) Jacob! Israel! (vv 27) - They were the same person. When he staked his life at the Jabbok River and prayed, God said, “Starting now, your name shall no longer be Jacob but Israel.”

2) Evidences (vv 28) - The many evidences must be told to the committed workers.

3) New Strength (vv 31) - “He will strengthen those who are weary.”

▣ Conclusion_ Eagle Training

▷ Eagles throw out their young without waiting for it to fly. They catch the young just before they hit a rock and repeat this until the young fly and catch up.

▷ The pain that God gives you makes you fly. There are more and more spiritual problems on earth, and you need to quickly act as witnesses.
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