2021.11.20 BIM - Businesspeople Who Enjoyed the Blessing of the Throne (Genesis 13:18)

Businesspeople must enjoy the blessing of the throne because this is the first blessing. Abraham knew this and began to build an altar. If you receive the answers given by God, you can save others. Anyone who sees that this person is within God's Word will be blessed. Unbelievers felt that when they saw the 7 Remnants. This is the first point that businesspeople must be equipped with. This Gospel already existed, will continue to exist, be, and will always remain.

▣ Introduction_ Problems of Ge. 3, 6, & 11 – Ac. 1:1 (Christ), 3 (God’s Kingdom), & 8 (Only Holy Spirit) - These answers already existed and will continue to exist.

1. Because he understood this, Abraham began his life of building altars. (Ge. 13:18). This is relayed to your thoughts and heart and then your brain and soul. Then, it connects to the throne which leads to the answer of “Eternity.” Unbelievers will perish forever because what is relayed to their souls through their minds and hearts will communicate with darkness.

2. According to this, the Word (covenant) will emerge, and those who realize the Word will see God's absolute plan. In doing so, they’ll see the absolute covenant and go on the absolute journey. Within the absolute journey, the absolute goal will undoubtedly exist. This is how the Word is achieved.

3. You’ll become a witness in this area. The Three Feasts (Passover - Salvation, Pentecost - Holy Spirit, Ingathering - the Background of heaven), Calvary (It is finished.), Mt. of Olives (9 Settings Completed), and Mark's Upper Room (going on the journey of experience and world evangelization) existed from the beginning.

▣ Main_ The important point was that there were businesspeople who possessed this covenant. You must be inside of this (Introduction 2) anytime, today, and now.

▷ Then you’ll hold onto the correct covenant, and answer will have already come. The core of God's Word is that even now, Satan is destroying people with Genesis 3, 6, and 11. That’s why the sole answers are Christ, God’s Kingdom, and “only Holy Spirit.” The answers of Acts 1:1, 3, and 8 continue in this (Introduction) from eternity to eternity (Romans 16:25-27). This is where you are now. Only then can you hold onto the correct covenant, pray accurately, receive accurate guidance, and clearly see the future. Accurate answers will come as well.

1. The Patriarchal Age

1) Ge. 6:14-20 – Noah saw this (Introduction).

2) Ge. 13:18 & 14:14-20 - With this (Introduction), Abraham saw the problems related to his family and began to build an altar.

3) Ge. 26:10-24 – Isaac held onto the sure covenant on Mt. Moriah.

4) Ge. 32:23-32 – Jacob finally realize this (Introduction) at the Jabbok River.

The one who saw this covenant from the beginning and properly and fulfilled it. Joseph

▷ If you don’t know Ge. 3; 6; & 11 and Ac. 1:1; 3; & 8, then you’ll absolutely fail. Christ is the key to solving problems. The true answer is the establishment of God’s Kingdom. The work of the Holy Spirit is true strength.

2. The Age of Egypt

1) Ex. 18:1-21 – Elder Jethro saw this (Introduction).

2) Josh. 2:1-16 – Rahab only heard rumors, but surely held onto the covenant.

3) Josh. 6:1-20 – Facing Jericho was an opportunity.

4) Josh. 10:10-14 – Encountered the untied forces of Amorites. It is that time schedule.

5) Josh. 14:6-15 – Facing the hill country of Anak didn’t matter.

▷ The problem is that you keep forgetting this (Introduction). Why? Since you haven’t reached your answer of Christ, you make many excuses. The disease of trying to find something comes. You place your hope on something new. You also lie extremely well. However, you won’t say that Christ isn’t the answer. If you are inside this (Introduction), then everything will be finished.

3. The Age of Babylon

1) Dan. 3:8-23 – When taken as captives, Daniel and his three friends resolved.

2) Dan. 6:10-22 – Knowing that he had to testify within darkness, Daniel still prayed despite imminent death.

3) Es. 4:1-16 – Because Esther knew this (Introduction), God was willing to save the world through her.

▷ Believers usually hold onto something wrong or something else. If they just realize that, works will arise.

4. The Age of Rome

▷ After the Israelites returned from Babylon, they saw great works. However, because they lost hold of the covenant again, they faced the age of Rome. Here, God called the person who got this (introduction) answer. God called those who held onto this (Introduction).

1) Ac. 1:1-14 - People who possessed the covenant and fully enjoyed the blessings of the throne gathered.

2) Ac. 2:9-11 - This is the place where you must be.

3) Rom. 16:1-27 - The answer of Romans 16 arose. Do your business and evangelism like this as well.

▣ Conclusion_ Do three types of Darakbang meetings.

1. Multiethnic Darakbang (237) : Specialization - Make your businesses “only,” “uniqueness,” and “re-creation.”

2. Healing Darakbang (Healing) : Establishing Disciples – Make your business into a place that establishes disciples. Without disciples, it isn’t victory. You must have many Gospel disciples.

3. RT Darakbang (Summit) : Globalization - Only Remnants are capable of doing globalization.

▷ The greatest answer in the Bible is world evangelization.

▷ Your walk of faith and your church must be done according to Conclusion 1-3.
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