2021.11.20 Core - December School Evangelization Message Those Who Enjoyed in Advance – The Word (Prayer)

Remnants and those who changed the world were those who enjoyed in advance. It’s difficult to do world evangelization with your own strength. In some ways it's impossible. Then you have to figure out in advance what you should have. You have to catch on from the introduction and draw it from the conclusion. When the introduction is clear and the conclusion is clear, what happens in between is the message.

▣ Introduction_ Studies & Occupation – Make 3 Blessings

1. Platform (3 Transcendences) - (Throne, Time & Space, & 237 Light) - Make this platform.

2. Watchtower (3 Life Movements) - Build a watchtower to see the world and the world can come.

3. Antenna (3 Unprecedented & Never-Repeated) - Make a spiritual antenna.

▷ Everything will emerge from within the “9 Settings.”

▣ Conclusion

1. Specialization (Only, Uniqueness, & Re-Creation)

2. Discipleship (Specialists, Church Officers, & Business & Industry Field)

3. Globalization (Remnants, Associate Pastors, & 70 Workers) - Spread the Word movement in 70 regions.

▣ Main

1 Lydia Who Enjoyed in Advance

1. “We were on our way to the place of prayer.” - Met Lydia

2. Ac. 16:14 & 15 (Philippi) - “The Lord opened her heart.”

“If you have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come to my house and stay.”

3. Ac. 16:16–18 - Paul resolved the issue in the name of Christ.

▷ Remnants - Masterpieces

2 Jason Who Enjoyed in Advance

1. “We, Custom, & Three Sabbaths (Supremacy)

2. Greeks & Leading Women

3. 1 Thess. 1:3 & 5 - Faith, Hope, & Love

▷ Make these masterpieces.

Memos - Write down at least one word.

3 Priscilla and Aquila Who Enjoyed in Advance

1. Ac. 2:10 - They had already received the Gospel before meeting Paul.

2. Time Schedule - Meeting

3. Lifelong Missions Ministry - “How will you do your lifelong missions ministry?”

▷ Know these blessings.

Prayer Remnants as soon as open your eyes in the morning pray.

▷ Morning, Afternoon, & Night – Don’t lose of these times. Everything that you think about in the morning turn them in prayer. Everything that you see in the afternoon turn them into prayer. At night, go before God and messages. Don’t Lose hold of the messages.

4 Rome Evangelization That Was Enjoyed in Advance

1. Set in Advance – Rome evangelization was enjoyed and set in advance.

2. Power in Advance – God gave power in advance.

3. Ac. 19:21, 23:11, & 27:24 – These were the words that emerged from here.
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