2021.11.21 Remnant - Where Must the Word Be Applied? (Isaiah 40:27-31)

▷ Where must you apply God's Word? Because if this doesn't take place, answers won't come. If this does take place, healing and power arise.

▣ Introduction_ Deeply Breathe and Prayer. Don’t be deceived.

1. Each Nation – Religion (Israel)

1) National Religions – The Israelites fell into the misconception that "Jehovah is the God of Israel."

2) The Ideology of Yahweh and the Messianic View - “God is the God of our nation.” They possessed this view regarding the Messiah. They believed that the Messiah would come and raise their nation and conquer other nations.

3) The Chosen People and Gentiles – “We are the chosen people, and you are Gentiles.”

2. Disasters in the Nations of the World

1) Serve Man-Made Gods

2) Answers (Demons) - Answers do come. By focusing here, the spiritual world arises and answers come; however, that’s a misconception.

3) Disasters – Greater disasters will arise.

▷ Japan can become the greatest nation for missions if it knows what idols are which causes the manifestation of demons. In the U.S., the three organizations have made this very high-class. This is where transcendental meditation movement comes from. This transcendental meditation movement has now taken over the world.

3. Two Types of Ideologies

▷ Progressive and conservative ideas are everywhere. Progressivism is good because it advocates advancement; however, it breaks many rules and doesn’t believe in God. That is the weakness. Conservatives have the weakness of holding onto old things and not wanting to change them. While these two ideas clash, there are some problems.

1) Feminism – Women and men’s rights are the same. Advocating the ideology of superiority itself does not recognize equal rights.

2) The Problems of Homosexuality – They are all subjects to receive salvation and not to be judged whether they are right or not.

3) Liberation Theology – Although it’s correct to get rid of a dictator and liberate the people, it’s wrong to attach theology to it.

▷ Remnants must do two things during their lifetime to conquer the world. Deeply breathe and pray. Breathe long enough until prayer takes place. Again, pray long enough until you can deeply breathe. If you do these two things, your brain will become exceptional, and if you do 24 hours, you’ll become invincible.

▣ Main_ Where must Remnants apply the Word?

1. "Those who wait for the Lord." (The Triune God)

1) God the Father – The Creator works through the Word.

2) God the Son – Salvation - The Three Curses Are Destroyed

3) God the Holy Spirit – The power to do world evangelization forms.

2. Those Who Communicate (9 Settings)

1) Three Transcendences – The Throne, Time & Space, & the 237 Light

2) Three Lives – The three life movements to save the image of God, soul, and life within you.

3) Three Unprecedented and Never-Repeated – You, the Church, & Your Occupation

3. Those Who Create Masterpieces That God Desires (The Age)

1) Platform

2) The Watchtower

3) An Antenna

▷ Take these and breathe. Pray for these blessings to come upon you as you inhale. Pray that the Triune God, the “9 Settings” of the throne, and these three words that’ll save and change the age will come upon you. As you exhale, let these blessings be relayed to your field and to those whom you’re praying for.

▣ Conclusion_ Eagles

▷ Eagles do not wait for their young to fly. They simply throw their young off cliffs. Just before their young hit the rocks below, they catch them, then fly higher, and release their young again.

▷ God prepares you until you can soar with wings like eagles.
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