2021.11.21 2nd Service - The Church That Has and Shines the Light (Isaiah 60:1-3)

▷ Those who will really receive answers while doing church construction must begin a few things together.



(Meetings, Work, & Field)

Night (Before Sleeping & By Yourself)

The Triune God

(5 Powers),

9 Settings, & 3 Ages

Work &



(Organize Messages)

Construction (Thoughts)

The Creation of the World - Construction

Re-Creation + Occupation + Temple (Connect)

▷ When I wake up in the morning, when I inhale, I pray that the Triune God; the 5 powers; the “9 Settings”; and the 3 ages will come upon me. When I exhale, I want these powers to be relayed to construction and all my thoughts. During the day, when there are meetings; work; and the field, you can always enjoy these blessings and change your work; occupation; and field into prayer. Then, the blessings of Heaven and earth that change the most important world that God has given will come. They will lead to blessings that are enough to connect to your occupation. At night, organize the messages and take at least ten minutes of deep prayer. Then, “re-creation” of the creation of the world, your occupation, and the temple will be connected. This is the important “24 hours.” You must enjoy these blessings of 24 hours.

▣ Introduction_ Those who held onto Isaiah’s covenant.

1. Babylon – They shined the light in Babylon.

1) Daniel 2) Three Friends 3) Esther

2. Temple Restoration – Those who held to the covenant restored the temple.

1) Zerubbabel 2) Nehemiah 3) Haggai

▷ The Word is accurately fulfilled. Even if it seems that it won’t be fulfilled, the Word and prayer are accurately fulfilled. The “9 Settings” are the core of the Bible. When the “3 Transcendences” which are the promises in the Bible and the “3 Lives” that save your spirit, soul, and life are planted in you, you’ll receive the answer of the “3 Unprecedented and Never-Repeated.” In doing so, you and your company will become a platform, a watchman’s watchtower's to save the world, and an antenna for communication.

3. Gospel Restoration - Those who held to the covenant restored the Gospel.

1) Is. 6:13 (The Gospel) - The stump will never disappear.

2) Is. 7:14 – The life movement and Immanuel movement arose.

▣ Main_ How?

1. The Watchman's Identity

1) The Watchman Who Makes Platforms

2) The Watchman Who Guards the Watchtower

3) The Watchman of Communication Who Holds the Antenna

2. The Watchman's Content

1) Is. 6:13 – Do the “stump movement.”

2) Is. 7:14 – Do the Immanuel movement.

3) Is. 40:27-31 - Hold onto the covenantal Word that will remain forever.

4) Shine the Light – The light has already come. “For the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.”

3. The Watchman's Mission (Is. 60:4-19)

1) Multiethnic People (237) - They’ll return.

2) Change (Healing) - They’ll return and change will take place.

3) The Posterity (The Summit) - The posterity will be revived.

▣ Conclusion_ “I am the Lord; in its time I will hasten it.”

1. The Least – A Clan

2. The Smallest – A Mighty Nation

3. Time Schedule – God will accurately carry it out when you least expect it.

▷ Since your morning and night times are personal, no one can take them away. Because you gain strength in the morning, receive healing and gain strength at night, it's possible in the afternoon.
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