2021.11.27 Study of Evangelism - Evangelists who Transcended Time and Space (Ac 2:41)

There’s a possibility that the Study of Evangelism message will no longer be given next year because I think that I should give a full-scale message to Remnants. However, the content of the Study of Evangelism message will not disappear. The Early Church always gave messages regarding the 237, healing, and Remnant. I, too, want to do the same.

Associate pastors, establish 70 regional churches. Don’t construct buildings, facilities, or organizations. All you have to do is raise 70 church officers as evangelists. That’s why God used the Early Church as a model. The present situation is more serious than in the days of the Early Church.

There are usually two types of people, and ninety percent who say it won’t work well and ten percent who say it will. Ninety percent of churches face difficulties and ten percent of churches don’t. However, spiritual problems are more prevalent in the ten percent.

If so, how should you do the evangelism movement? If there is an answer that transcends time and space, there will always be evangelists who transcend time and space. Only by going into this can you do evangelism and world evangelization.

▣ Introduction_ Trinity · 9 Settings · 3 Ages

▷ What do you think about prayer? The two things that you can do manage on your own are thinking and breathing. Everything is contained within those two. That’s why, if possible, I do them for 24 hours.

1. Inhale – I pray that these blessings (Transcendence of Time and Space, Triune God, 5 Powers, 9 Settings, and the 3 Stages to Transform the Age) will come upon me.

2. Exhale - Relay your prayers to those whom you’re thinking about, where you must go, and what you must do.

▷ Pray for one person. Pray for these three points to come upon you first, then pray for these to be relayed to that one person. Knowing prayer is tremendous. If you don’t receive any answers, then greater answers are bound to come. (1 Corinthians 12:9-10).

▣ Main_ Trinity, 9 Settings, and 3 Ages

1. The Resurrection Message


1) Matt. 28:16-20 “I will be with you with the authority in Heaven and on earth.”

2) Mk. 16:15-20 The Lord who sat on the throne was with them.

3) Ac. 1:8 Conquer the world with “only Holy Spirit.”

2. The Early Church - Calvary, Mt. of Olives, and Mark’s Upper Room

1) Ac. 1:11 Centered on Apostles

2) Lk. 10:1-20 & Ac. 1:12-15 Centered on 70 Workers

3) Ac. 6:1-7 Centered on Church Officers

3. Paul

1) Ac. 13:1-4, 16:6-10, & 19:1-7 – Enjoyed the answer of the blessing of transcending time and space during every turning point.

2) Ac. 13, 16, & 19 – Relayed the power of transcending time and space.

3) Ac. 17:1, 18:4, & 19:8 – Went to Synagogues

▷ Evangelists, don't do anything else. This is the model of Paul's evangelism.

▣ Conclusion_ Those inside of this are called 24, 25, and 00 (Eternity).

▷ There’s no better answer. Next year, do what God really desires.
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