2021.11.28 Remnant - I Will Show You Great and Hidden Things That You Have Not Known (Jeremiah 33:1-9) 렘넌트English

Prayer on a Daily Basis

Word Confirmation

Evidences for You

▷ Remnants, remember this starting now. Regardless of answers, you must possess the strength to pray on a daily basis. It's very important for you to confirm the Word every day and during worship every week. Discover the evidences from the Word inside your field. What are the evidences for you?

▣ Introduction_ Three things will change.

1. The Court of the Guard – Have this strength on a daily basis.

2. Word Fulfillment – Word fulfillment or the Word that will be fulfilled will come upon you. Remnants must nurture this strength.

3. Concentrated Prayer (Call to me.) - When problems come, do concentrated prayer.

1) Only – Discover why you’re facing that problem. By discovering "only," you'll be able to discover great answers.

2) Uniqueness – You'll receive answers that others can't.

3) Re-Creation – You'll be able to do the works that others can't.

▣ Main

1. The Answer That Nobody Knows – The Answers That Remnants Will Receive

1) Slaves – You’ll know the reason for becoming a slave.

2) War – You’ll know why the forefathers were at war.

3) Captives – You’ll know why you must be held captive.

2. Great Answers (Works) - You’ll see great answers.

1) The Healing of the Houses of This City – You alone will heal the city.

2) Restoration of Captives – You’ll look like a captive, but you’ll do world evangelization and return.

3) Cleansed From Sin (Guilt) – You’ll be cleansed of all your sins.

3. Great and Hidden Things

1) Joseph and Moses – You’ll know the reason why they were sent.

2) Samuel and David – Why were young Samuel and young David given grace by God?

3) Jeremiah – Why was Jeremiah shut up in the court of the guard when he had no fault of his own?

▣ Conclusion_ RT TIME (24, 25, and 00)

Things That You Think about (Important)

Things That You See (A Moment of Concentration)

Word Confirmation (Things That Don't Work Out)

1. Morning – Change your thoughts into prayer.

2. Day – Change what you see into prayer.

3. Night – Confirm the Word and have deep prayer.
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