2021.12.3 World Church Officer Conference - Lec. 1 The Church Officers’ 3 Ages – Saving the Apostles (Peter – Paul) Establish

Right now we aren’t able to surpass the church officers of the three organizations and the Mormon Church. Why is that? Like the church officers of the Early Church, all of you are people who have embraced the world. (Acts 1:8) How was the early church able to win? Why do we have difficulty doing the same? That’s what we have to quickly catch on. In the Bible, the church officers’ three ages emerge. All of you must find and enjoy them. The first age was saving the apostles. The church officers of the Early Church saved Peter and Paul. Jesus spoke about the works of God’s Kingdom and “only Holy Spirit.” Your first mission is to 「establish the throne」 in you. If you receive answers, then it’s over. The 7 Remnants were the models of church officers. They established the throne in themselves.

▣ Introduction_ 99.9% - Reject / Saw the Things of God

1. Jethro – Accepted Moses as his son-in-law and helped him.

2. Obadiah – Staked his life.

3. Daniel – Despite imminent death, he still opened his windows and prayed to God.

4. The Early Church – Even though none of the members had any conditions, they risked their lives to save the apostles.

▷ The Word (The Covenant) - They held onto God’s Word as their covenant.

5. Those Who Helped Paul – Despite the threat of death, they accomplished world evangelization.

▣ Main_ The Start of Establishing the Throne in You

1. The Start of Establishing the Throne

1) Discard What Has Been Planted

(1) Matt. 5 – Victory through colonization is a curse.

(2) Matt. 13 – The seed that fell in good soil and the mustard seed are small, but they possess life.

(3) Matt. 16 – Discard (Elijah, Jeremiah, the Prophets, & John the Baptist)

(4) Matt. 17 – Went to the Mt. of Transfiguration

(5) The Message of the Resurrection - “With all authority in Heaven and on earth, I will be with you.” “Only.” 

2) 3 Things – The 5 Powers, 9 Settings, & 3 Ages

3) Enjoy - 24

▷ Presence and Relay - Acts 1:8 “Be filled with the Holy Spirit and become a witness.”

2. The Goal of the Establishment of the Throne

1) Peter

(1) Ac. 1:14 – Gathered centered on Peter. “Devoted themselves to prayer.”

(2) Ac. 2:9-11 - Church officer businesspeople arose.

(3) Ac. 6:1-7 - Church officers were raised and the fields were completely overturned.

(4) Ac. 11:19 - Church officers united when the apostles were captured.

(5) Ac. 12:1-25 – When problems began, the goal of the establishing the throne began.

2) Paul (Ac. 16-19 & Rom. 16) - Supported Paul until Rome was saved.

3) Associate Pastors – Silas, Timothy, and Tychicus were saved. (Rom. 16:23)

3. The Answer of the Establishment of the Throne

1) Platform – Your business must save the apostles and the servants of the Lord.

2) Watchtower – You will become the watchtower to block disasters.

3) Antenna - You will become an antenna to communicate with God and the world.

▣ Conclusion

1. Patron, Fellow Worker, & Host

The World 237 Light = Business and Industry

2. Enjoy, Wait, and Challenge (Nations)

3. Rhythm
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