2021.12.5 1st Service - People Who Overstepped Answers (Daniel 1:8-9)

1. Three Concerns of Believers

1) Things are difficult right now.

2) When I’m facing a hard time, there’s no one who helps.

3) I don’t know how to pray.

2. You must be sure of these three things before moving on.

1) The most difficult times are the most important times. – During Moses’ greatest difficulty, God prepared the greatest answer.

2) Saying, “Isn’t there anyone who can help me?” can be your greatest mistake. You must seek the answer from God’s Word.

3) Have the setting of prayer. When answers start to come, you’ll gain strength.

3. When you begin to pray, God will show you in advance.

1) There are those who believe in God and those who don’t. Those who don’t believe are on the same level as animals.

2) Among those who believe in God, there are those who know the Gospel and those who don’t. Those who don’t know the Gospel are just religious people.

3) Among those who know the Gospel, there are those who can see in advance and those who can’t. Daniel knew in advance. The reason why I’m here is for world missions! Everything that happens to God’s people is for world missions. All problems are for world missions.

▣ Introduction_ Three Things to Have Prior to Prayer (“Daniel resolved.”)

1. God’s children must accurately see God’s will.

▷ The 7 Remnants were victorious because they accurately held onto God’s will.

2. You must know what isn’t an answer.

1) Daniel knew that Babylon seizing the world and taking people into captivity wasn’t an answer, but a

2) Daniel was taken captive and became a governor (promoted). Daniel knew that wasn’t even an answer.

3) Daniel knew that God had sent him there to the mission field.

3. Know what the true answers are.

1) The Triune God being with me is the true answer.

2) The “9 Settings” through the blessing of the throne are the true answers.

3) Knowing the meaning of the church and the temple is the beginning of true answers.

4) Influencing four kings and testifying the living God being with him is the true answer.

▣ Main_ Three reasons of Daniel who overstepped answers.

1. Daniel knew the reason of the past.

1) Daniel knew that Israel lacked spiritual strength.

2) Daniel knew the reason why the temple was destroyed and why the king and all the gifted individuals were taken captive.

3) “Israel lacked spiritual strength and was pathetically taken into captivity, but I must show the evidences here. I must stand as a witness.” Daniel held to this covenant. Looking at your past, you must resolve to stand as a witness. Answers will come.

2. Daniel knew the reason of today.

1) God’s people had lost hold of the Gospel and as a rightful result, they were taken as captives. (Rightfulness)

2) That’s why God placed him here. This is what’s inevitable. (Inevitability)

3) Then, he must show the evidences in this place. This is what’s absolute. (Absoluteness)

3. Daniel knew the reason of the future.

▷ You cannot escape from your past, present, and future.

1) You are a layperson missionary commissioned to this field. This is the reason for the future.

2) You are a field missionary. The answers came exactly that way.

3) You are a healing missionary.

▣ Conclusion_ Those who know the Gospel know prayer.

1. What It Means to Resolve

1) Daniel 1:8-9 - “Daniel resolved.” This means that he prayed.

2) Daniel 6:10 - “Three times a he had done previously.” Daniel resolved, meaning that he truly enjoyed. He waited for God’s true answers.

3) Daniel 10:10-20 - God sends his archangel to answer Daniel’s prayer. Daniel challenged toward the problem of the age.

2. You must begin and restore Daniel’s prayer.

1) God’s works that move the throne are contained within Daniel’s prayer.

2) The Triune God bestowing the 9 blessings of the throne upon us is the greatest blessing. The church is the shadow of the throne.

3) When you restore prayer, worship completely changes. Answers are bound to come.

3. When you’re alone, things can be difficult. Pray to seek out the most important things in that place. Remnants who feel like there ‘s no one to help you, don’t seek the help of others, but accurately hold onto God’s Word. God will work even through unbelievers. The blessing of 24-hours is upon all the Remnants. Receive new grace.
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