2021.12.5 2nd Service - The Temple in Me Must Be Completed (Daniel 6:10)

▷ A temple is a building. If you try to enjoy answers there, then the temple must be completed in you first.

Daniel 6:10 is the background. When the temple was destroyed, the Israelites became captives. The prophesy was fulfilled. At that time, Daniel prayed every day as he faced the temple. Because many answers arose for David, the officials devised a plan to kill him. As a result, he was to be thrown into the den of lions.

▣ Introduction_

"Even though he knew he would die."

▷ What were God's wishes?

1. The Courtyard of Gentiles – For the sake of the 237 nations, build “30 church buildings” in the 237 Center.

2. The Courtyard of Prayer – Make sure “healing” can take place.

3. The Courtyard of Children - Church Officers, RTs, & Associate Pastors must raise “70 disciples.”

▷ Without these three, God continued to destroy the temple.

▣ Main

1. “With Windows Opened” - Make an internal spiritual platform.

Spiritual Platform

1) The Triune God

2) The 5 Powers

3) Imprints, Roots, & Nature

2. On His Knees – Build a tremendous watchtower for the spiritual watchman.

Spiritual Watchman

1) 3 Transcendences

2) 3 Life Movements

3) 3 Unprecedented and Never-Repeated

3. Thanksgiving – Give thanksgiving for your God-given opportunities and mission.

Spiritual Antenna

1) Build a church where pastors are revived.

2) Build a church where church officers are revived.

3) Build a church where Remnants are revived. This is the true church.

▣ Conclusion_ “As He Had Done Previously”

1. Escape the nature of captivity.

2. What is the church for the posterity? 

1) Future Camp

2) Talent Camp

3) Prayer Camp

3. 237 Multiethnic People
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