2021.12.18 BIM - Why Can They Not Come Out? (Exodus 3:18-20)

For many businesspeople and church officers, what are their realistic hardships? These must be addressed before moving on. Before I truly understood the Gospel, I thought that those around me made my life extremely difficult. But when I really understood the Gospel, it changed. If not, you have to live in ninety percent of your lives in conflicts, and ten percent in patience. By really understanding this, you can live ninety percent of your of life by giving thanksgiving. And the remaining ten percent, you’ll feel sorry.

▣ Introduction_ Conflicts and Scars

A bigger problem is those issues will cause conflicts which will become imprinted. By forcing yourself to endure them, they become scars.

1. Imprints - Answers: As much as you’re imprinted, you’ll receive answers.

2. Roots - Fruit: According to your imprints, you’ll receive answers. These roots, regardless of you, will bear fruit.

3. Nature - Destination: These imprints and root will change into your nature. It completely becomes a fate and destiny that can never be changed.

「(Why?)」 - Why can’t you come out from here?

▣ Main_ In His Steps

If all of you do this well for even a day, tremendous works will arise. In the U.S., a certain pastor gave a message. “Whenever you face a task, ask this question, ‘What would God do? What would Christ, Jesus do?’” That question became the campaign of his church. Eventually, it became the campaign of the U.S.

You mustn’t start another year within conflicts and scars.. Everyone, change it into thanksgiving. Be truly sorry before God and be both thankful and sorry to the church.

1. Answers That Were Received

1) Ex. 3:18-20 – The Israelites lost hold of verse 18 and realized only verse 20.

Ex. 14:9-13 – The Israelites were happy because the Red Sea parted. However, the parting of the Red Sea was nothing to be happy about.

▷ You mustn’t set your standard on whether answers come or not.

2) Jos. 3:1-13, 6:1-20, 10:10-14, & 14:6-15 – Many works arose. The Jordan was split. Jericho fell. The sun stopped. The Amorites were defeated. An old man went and overtook the Anak hill country.

3) 1 Sam. 17:1-47 - Goliath was defeated. These exploits remain.

Dan. 3:8-24 - The three young adults who went to Babylon and gained victory before of the king.

Dan. 6:10-20 - Survived the den of lions.

Matt. 8:17 - Meeting Jesus, all diseases were cured. People thought that was the answer.

2. Motive

1) Me - If you aren’t careful, you’ll listen to sermons; think about the church; and make judgments centered on “me.”

2) Mine - You can’t go beyond this.

3) We & Our(s) - Escape these, and you’ll see the things of God. The 7 Remnants and all the businesspeople who moved the ages didn‘t see their things, they saw what belonged to God.

▷ If businesspeople and church officers aren’t able to see God’s plans, it’ll become difficult in many places.

3. The Future - Regarding the misconceptions of the future, come out of them.

If you’re really with God, you’ll be able to see the future. The conclusion was already given by Jesus.

1) Matt. 24:1-14 - In the end times, it’s stated that the whole world will end in disasters. The Gospel must be testified to the whole world, then the end will come, so preach the Gospel. If you risk your life for the church and evangelism, then that’s the end.

2) 2 Tim. 3:1-13 - In the last days, a time of suffering will come. People will not love God. They’ll only love themselves. Eventually, they’ll be seized by Satan.

3) Rev. 12:1-9 - There will be great confusion.

▣ Conclusion_ Next year, let’s do what’s real.

1. The Word – Go to the places where pastors and the Word are saved.

2. The Field – Go in the direction where church officers and the field are saved.

3. The Next Generation - The important reason for saving Remnants and associate pastors is for sake of the next generation. Jesus said, “Don’t weep for me, but weep for your children.”

▷ If you don’t know how valuable your devotion is, then how foolish is your life? When you give worship tomorrow, firmly hold onto this (covenant) enough to run. Clearly, God will give answers directly and indirectly through His Word.
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