2021.12.18 Study of Evangelism - The Start of Evangelism Is Saving the Broken Down Self (Matthew 4:19)

Inside of our organization, there are many good, talented, and gifted individuals. There are many church officers who are trying hard for the sake of the evangelism movement as well. In the future, many Remnants will arise. The start of evangelism must begin with me. Even the start of problems begin with me. Because the start of failure came from the Garden of Eden then to me, evangelism must begin with me.

▣ Introduction_ Next Year’s Direction

1. Tuesday Conference - Textbooks

Next year, during Tuesday Conference, textbooks that have all been edited anew will be used.

2. The District Message – Three Parts

The Bible is divided into three parts. The first is always being centered on pastors and the pulpit. The second is always being centered on church officers and the field. The third is always being centered on Remnants and the world. In order to receive those answers, messages must be confirmed.

3. The Theme for 2022 – 24 (Acts 1:3)

For one year, we must confirm the mystery of “24.” In Acts 1:3, it states that for forty days, the works of God’s Kingdom were explained. In essence, “24” was explained and the answer became “25.”

▣ Main_ The Start of Evangelism

1. Matt. 4:19 - “Follow me.”

1) Follow (J-X) - Follow Jesus Christ.

2) Fishers (Talents) - “I will make you fishers of men.”

3) Galilee (All People) - The background of these people was Galilee.

2. Matt. 11:28-30

1) All Who Labor – Heavy Laden

It didn’t mean to resolve it first, but to just come. Trying to solve with your own power is religion.

2) I will give you rest. - If you bring it to the Lord, He will give you rest.

3) Other Things - He said that He would give something else...“something easy.”

▷ The Start of Evangelism - Follow the Lord, and give all our weaknesses to Him.

3. Mk. 3:13-15

1) “Those whom He desired,” - Because it was God’s desire, He has called all of you.

2) With – Evangelism - “ that they might be with him and he might send them out to preach...”

▷ The start of evangelism is going to the Lord, but it’s also the Lord being with me.

3) Demons - Authority

“to give authority” - The whole world is seized. Enjoying authority is the start of your evangelism.

4. Jn. 19:30 - “It is finished.”

1) Curses, Disasters, and the Authority of Hell – These have completely ended.

2) The Wages of Sin – These have been resolved. These cannot be repaid by actions. That’s why it must be faith.

3) Satan - Satan’s authority was completely broken.

5. Ac. 1:1-8 - He gave the completed Word.

1) The Trinity - The mystery of the Triune God comes out.

2) The Kingdom (Works) - The Kingdom of God and its works come out.

3) Power (A Witness) - Power to reach the end of the earth has been given. You will become a witness.

▣ Conclusion_ Firmly grab hold of three points and go.

1. The Covenant - Firmly hold onto the covenant!

2. Faith - You cannot receive salvation through religious legalism. Original Sin cannot be resolved. Original man fell into Original Sin and could not be saved. That’s why God decided to give salvation. That’s why you receive it through faith.

3. The Future – More important is the future.
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