2021.12.18 Core - RT Day - January School Evangelism Message

▣ Introduction_ Summit Time

At this time, God is giving Summit Time to you. You must always remember this. Because God is trying to make Remnants into the Summit, He's always answers them through that time. You must know, "Since I'm a church officer, God is giving me the message to save the church. He's giving me the message to save the field." Make Remnants into the Summit who will save the world. Have Summit Time. That’s what God desires.


Day Time





The Trinity

The Throne 9

The 3 Ages (Special, Disciple, & Global)




(The Words)

The 5 Powers

The Kingdom of God

Healing - The Summit

1. Morning – Have an important time to confirm. The Triune God absolutely works, so confirm everything that you’re thinking about. The “5 Powers” form at this time.

2. Day Time – Change all that you see during the day. The reason why you change is because the thoughts of man and the thoughts of God are different. At this time, the blessings of the throne, the “9 Settings,” are set. Change what you see. The Kingdom of God and its answers will arise.

3. Night – When everything is finished and you’re by yourself, you’ll see specialization, the establishment of disciples, and globalization or the “3 Ages.” Organize the Word at night. Tremendous healing and power will arise.

▷ Breathing Prayer - Especially for Remnants, since they must study, even more so you must pray. This becomes the prayer to revive your brain.

▣ Main

1 Ge. 1:27 – Save the image of God has been planted in you.

RT7 – Have forum regarding the 7 Remnants and the image of God.

1. Pharaoh said as he saw Joseph, "I've never seen one in whom is the Spirit of the Lord."

2. When all the newborns were being murdered, God called Moses at Mt. Horeb. In the midst of fire, God gave the message and promised him power.

3. While Samuel was praying at night, God called Samuel who was lying next to the Ark of the Covenant.

4. Works arose after David met Priest Samuel.

5. In order to protect the nation, when he prayed for the Dothan movement to begin, God worked upon Elisha.

6. Because there were many people of God who didn't know these facts, they were bound for destruction. Daniel appeared.

7. Because there were plenty of worldly things, they fell into destruction again. The members of the Early Church were the ones who restored this (Ge. 1:27)

2 Ge. 37:1-11 - Joseph knew this from his youth and later, testified it.

C.V.D.I.P. – You must confirm your C.V.D.I.P.

3 Ex. 2:1-10 – Moses heard about the this (Summit Time) blessing when he was young.

The Gospel - When Moses was around your age, the Gospel was completely imprinted in him.

4 Jos. 1:1-9 – Through Moses, Joshua saw these (Summit Time) three blessings.

1. Fear - “Do not be frightened.”

2. WITH - “I will be with you.”

3. Moses - “As I was with Moses...” “Just as God was with them I will be with you. As I was with the 7 Remnants, I will be with you.”

5 Jos. 2:1-16 – Rahab just heard the news and works arose.

1. The Good News - The Israelites destroyed the idols of Egypt through the ten miracles, split the Red Sea, and now have come here. “God is the true God.”

2. Information - Rahab gave a very important testimony and relayed important information.

3. Matt. 1:1-17 - Later on, Rahab becomes a part of Jesus' genealogy. Work that are done for the Gospel become like this.

▣ Conclusion_ Small - MASTERPIECE

Make small works into a masterpiece. It is the best and the easiest to make a masterpiece out of the thing that you enjoy the most.
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