2022.1.8 BIM - Spiritual Power and Transmitting (Exodus 2:1-10)

When you transmit the accurate covenant to children, works that even you don’t know about will happen. Spiritual problems that people suffer from were created when they were young. Content imprinted during prenatal/infant and preschool/kindergarten will last forever. That’s why many young children suffer from mental illnesses.

• Spiritual Power and Transmitting - “Transmittance” is important. Even if children don’t understand, everything is still transmitted.

• Exodus 2:1-10 – Jochebed transmitted everything to Moses as she nursed and weaned him.

The Age of Camp

The Age of Parents (Forum)


The Future, Prayer, & Talents

The Family, The Synagogue, & Lodge

The Triune God

(Only) (Uniqueness) (Re-Creation)


God’s Kingdom - Works

The Age of Camp – Open the age of camp.

The Age of Parents (Forum) - The most important camp concerns parents.

Teachers – Teachers play important roles.

The Future, Prayer, & Talents – Open these camps.

Only, Uniqueness, & Re-Creation – Future Camp – Discover “Only” / Pray to See “Uniqueness” / Doing What Others Cannot - “Re-Creation”

The Family, The Synagogue, & Lodge – Jewish children read books. Children are connected with synagogues. Children are connected with lodges and the field.

Globalization – Jewish People – Received Greatest Financial Blessings / Your small prayer of enjoying the Gospel will result in tremendous blessings.

The Triune God – Teach children regarding the Triune God. God the Creator – The Word / God the Son – The Savior / God the Holy Spirit – With You through Unseen Power

God’s Kingdom - Works - God’s Kingdom & It’s Works Come.

▷ Make a good program with these.

▣ Introduction_ Seeds

1 The Blessing of the Throne

1) The 5 Powers (The Master of the Throne) – Spiritual Power – Power - People of the World - Unaware / Intellectual Power – Wisdom from Above / Physical Power – Strength from Above / Financial Power – Economy of Light – Restored / Manpower – Doors to Evangelism Open – Posterity - Revived

2) The 9 Powers of the Throne – 3 Transcendences, 3 Lives, & 3 Unprecedented & Never-Repeated

3) The 3 Ages – Your Blessings – Specialization, Establishing Disciples, & Globalization

2. Reject God’s Blessings (Problems)

Even though you aren’t an unbeliever, you remain within the state of an unbeliever. You reject God’s blessings. Be extra cautious of this.

3. The End – The Conclusion (The Result)

Think about the end. Overcome outside problems.

▣ Main_ Transmittance? (How? & What?)

1. The Spiritual State – Transmit the Spiritual State of Parents & Teachers

Problems, Answers, & Events

Problems aren’t problems. Answers aren’t answers. Events aren’t events. They’re the process.

2. Transmit Strength – Within the Spiritual State

The Field & a Crises

The Field – A Crisis / Not a Crisis – Evidences come.

3. Unprecedented and Never-Repeated – This work will take place.

▷ You are an unprecedented and never-repeated person.

7 Disasters, Solver, & World Evangelization

Remnants grew and blocked the seven disasters. The light easily overcomes darkness.

▣ Conclusion

1. The Family – Talents (Reading)

2. The Synagogue – Specialization (Specialists)

3. Lodge) - A Sense of the Field (Errands)

▷ Open the age of camp.
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