2022.1.8 Scattered Disciples - The 24 Hours That Must Be Discovered (Acts 2:9-11)

If China is evangelized, it can become the greatest nation. If Hong Kong is evangelized, it can become the bridge to the world. If Taiwan is evangelized, not only will it help Southeast Asia, it’ll give the greatest help to China.

• The 24 Hours That Must Be Discovered - 「The Watchman of the Gospel Spiritual Summit」 Gospel Spiritual Summit’s Highest

All of you will take “The 24 Hours That Must Be Discovered” and stand as watchmen of the Spiritual Summit who enjoy the Gospel. The watchman is “24.” It is becoming the “Gospel Spiritual Summit’s Highest” to properly enjoy the Gospel spiritually. Otherwise, China cannot be saved. This is the easiest and the best answer and blessing from God.

• The Absolute Answer - This will follow.

• Acts 2:9-11 – The members of Mark’s upper room were those held onto this covenant and were scattered.

▣ Main

1. The Background – The background of the “Absolute Answer” must always be enjoyed through prayer.

1) God of the Throne (The Trinity)

2) The 9 Powers of the Throne - It can't be done with the things of the world.

3) The 3 Practices of the Throne – It’s fulfilling the works of God’s Kingdom.

2. Status – You Possess the status of the “Absolute Answer.”

1) Acts 1:14 – This is your status.

2) Acts 2:9-11 – The doors to fifteen nations opened.

3) Those Who Remained (Persecution), Scattered Ones (Sojourners), and Hidden Ones (Abandoned Ones)

3. Authority – This is the authority emerges from the background and status of the “Absolute Answer.”

1) By Yourself – You don’t need anyone’s help and have received the authority to do works by your own.

2) The Field – You’ve been given the authority to enjoy in the field.

3) History (Persecution) - You’ve been given spiritual authority to enjoy within problems and persecutions.

▷ Authority means the strength given from above. Reach the highest Spiritual Summit. Nobody can block you. Not being able to reach there means that you don’t believe.

▣ Conclusion_ You’ll go on the “Absolute Journey.”

1. The Person Whom God Has Prepared (Acts 13:48)

2. The Field That God Has Prepared (Acts 27:24)

3. The Future That God Has Prepared (Romans 16:25- 27) - What has been prepared from long ages past and what will last for eternity...those right now, have been disclosed and what was hidden has now been revealed.
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