2022.1.15 Remnant Study of Evangelism - Alone Time (1 Samuel 3:1-19)

▷ For Remnants, their alone time is tremendously important.

▣ Introduction_ Like an Orphan (Why did God leave Samuel alone?)

▷ The words of adults must be respected and accepted. The words of your parents must be listened to carefully and analyzed. However, those words don’t belong to Remnants. Even adults should take note. We mustn’t raise Remnants with our standards.

1. 5 Minutes – 3, 9, 3 – The Blessing of the Throne That Samuel Experienced. (Scheduled Prayer)

2. The Remnant’s Journey - Don’t lose hold of the “9 Journeys” of the Remnant. By holding onto them correctly: “24” will come. (Continuous Prayer)

3. The Answer of “25” (Concentrated Prayer)

1) Those Who Remained – It means “Remnant.”

2) Pilgrims – You must go alone with this strength.

3) Conquerors – You must bind darkness with the power of “25.”

▣ Main_ The Worth of Staking Life (Eternity)

1. Deep Prayer

1) 1 Samuel 3:1-3 - “Eli was lying down in his own place, and Samuel was lying down by the Ark of the Covenant.”

2) 1 Samuel 3:4-18 – Here, the voice of God was heard.

3) 1 Samuel 3:19 - “None of Samuel’s words fell to the ground.”

2. The Mizpah Movement (1 Samuel 7:1-15) - Discovered the Heavenly Mandate, Calling, & Mission

▷ The people who existed until then saw that Philistia was the problem. “Those wicked Philistines are constantly tormenting us.” That’s why they couldn’t be used.

1) Me & Us – Samuel saw the problems regarding “me and us.” “Philistia is not the problem. Everyone gather at Mizpah!”

2) Idols – “Throw away what’s incorrect.” When they just prayed, as the Philistines were invading, they were completely broken down by the powerful hand of God.

3) During the Lifetime – “Throughout Samuel’s lifetime, there was no war, and the Philistines weren’t able to invade.” Those who saw Samuel believed in the Lord.”

3. The Posterity Movement - Because of Remnants, other posterity will be revived.

1) 1 Samuel 16:1-13 - David was found. And, because the accurate covenant was relayed, “The Spirit of the Lord rushed upon David from that day forward.”

2) 1 Samuel 16:23 - If Remnants hold onto the covenant and go, evil spirits will flee.

3) 1 Chronicles 29:10-14 - David completed church construction. Remnants’ life conclusion must be to save the church. They must place their focus here.

▣ Conclusion_ The Today Regarding Your Lifetime

▷ Always, whenever you look at problems, see it as the “today” regarding your lifetime. As you live the rest of your life, when problems come, think of them as today’s answers and grab hold of the pulpit message. There’s no need to be easily discouraged. If this Remnant message isn’t lost, then Remnants will absolutely become the witnesses of the age.
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