2022.1.15 Core - 24 Hrs. of a New Start (Acts 1:1-8)

It’s the “24 Hours of a New Start.” In Acts 1:1-8, Jesus gave the last message in order to begin a new start.

▣ Introduction_ New Believers, For Those Who Can’t, and Spiritual Problems

Now – The Works That Are Arising Right Now

1. The Covenant – Hold onto the accurate covenant and works will arise.

2. Will – Don’t think about your own position. Ask what the will of God is.

3. Worship & Prayer – The Time When You Give Worship and Pray

Ps. 103:20-22 – These works will take place. “His angels, that do his commandments.” “All His hosts, ministers of His, that do his pleasure.” “All places of his dominion,”...mean the places of worship. “All his works in all places of his dominion bless the LORD.”

Darkness - Because this is the time when God comes upon us, it's the complete start of darkness being broken down.

Healing – Don’t worry. Don’t try to fix illnesses. If this work arises, healing will begin. Fundamental healing will begin.

1. Suffering – The Trinity & 5 Powers

Inside of suffering, you must see the Triune God and the “5 Powers.”

2. The Field Answer – 9 (Blessings of the) Throne

In the field, always remember the “9 Blessings of the Throne.”

3. Heavenly Mandate, Calling, and Mission - World Evangelization (Ge. 45:5)

The important “Heavenly Mandate,” “Calling,” and “Mission” come out. Right now, all of your positions and work are a process of world evangelization. Are you faced with problems? God wants to give you blessings. Joseph said, “God sent me here to do world evangelization.” (Ge. 45:5)

The Future – Naturally Be Seen

All Churches

You’ll see the answer of all Darakbang churches arising.

America – RU

You’ll see how world evangelization will take place by being centered on the U.S. You’ll pray regarding how the RU movement will take place.

RT – Conference

The Remnant Conference – I dream about how God will carry it out.

▣ Main_ Changed into Committed Workers

1. Those Who Remained 24 (Ac. 1:1 & “24”) - You have to go to the end of the earth. Do “Christ 24.”

1) Jn. 19:30 – Christ finished your problems. Answers will begin.

2) Matt. 28:20 – He is always with you. “Those Who Remained”

3) Mk. 16:15-20 – You will go to heal other. He will be with you from the throne.

2. Pilgrim 24 (Ac. 1:3 & “24”) - How will you go? Do “God’s Kingdom 24.”

1) Kingdom of the World – Save it.

2) Kingdom of Satan – Unseen, it exists.

3) Kingdom of God – God’s Kingdom and its works. Go with them.

3. Conqueror 24 (Ac. 1:8 & “24”) - What will you do? Break down darkness. You are the conqueror. How can you defeat darkness? Do “Only Holy Spirit 24.”

1) Jerusalem – It’s the closest to you, the church, the district, and region. Save them first.

2) Judah – It’s your neighbor.

3) Samaria – It’s your enemy.

4) To the End of the Earth – It’s to Rome and Spain.

▣ Conclusion

Church Officers – To all of our church officers, these answers will continue and become fulfilled.

Ac. 2:1-47 - Mark’s Upper Room - Those who were within the important place of the greatest answers were the church officers.

Ac. 2:41-45 – When they arose, 3,000 disciples arose.


Ac. 2:14-21 – Relay the Word that God desires.


Ac. 2:46-47 – Every Day in the Temple and at Home

Ac. 17:1, 18:4, & 19:7 – To the Synagogues in Corinth and Ephesus.

▷ Look at the stream of God’s blessings. There’s no reason to be discouraged. If you are a person of God, this is the way that you must go. Those who believe in Christ are children of God. (1 Jn. 5:11-13 & 1 Cor. 12:3).
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