2022.1.15 Scattered Disciples - 70 Disciples Movement (Acts 2 :41-42)

In C this Gospel movements, in fact, don’t help. Because Christianity is thought of as a religion, that’s why it’s being opposed. However, if all of you truly do this Gospel movement properly, it’ll become a great blessing for China. What has color? That’s religion and not the Gospel. The Gospel has no color. The true Gospel will save China, people, and the world. Scattered disciples must hold onto the 70 Disciples Movement.

▣ Introduction_ Think about this first.

1. Me and Us – Religion (Color X)

Many religious people teach that you can become like God and see different worlds. Rightfully, that must be blocked. That’s why all of you must hold onto “only Gospel.” There shouldn’t be any “color.” It must be “only Gospel!” In doing so, China will be saved, and it can save many other nations.

2. The Three Feasts (Acts 2:41-42 – The answer that those in the covenant enjoyed. )

1) Passover – Passover will be imprinted.

2) Pentecost – The works of the Holy Spirit will be established. Be rooted solely in this.

3) Ingathering – This is the background of the throne. If you possess this nature, China will be saved. China must live in order for Asia to live and for the world to live.

3. Rome – Path

The reason why God did Rome evangelization was to open the path toward the world. China possesses the path toward the world. So, the blessing of God will absolutely be established. Only then can the world be saved.

▣ Main_ These are the words that you must hold onto.

1. 70 Disciples and 237

1) Ex. 24:11 (9-11) 70 Elders – Raise disciples who can relay the works of the Exodus to the entire world.

2) Num. 11:16 – 70 Officers

3) Jdgs. 8:30 – The 70 Sons of Jerubbaal

4) 2 Ki. 10:1 – Baal’s (Ahab) 70 sons raised a world of darkness.

5) Ezk. 8:11 - Among the People of Israel: 70 Elders

6) Lk. 10:1-20 – Even Jesus raised 70 disciples and sent

them out into the field.

7) Ac. 12:1-25 (Ac. 11:19) - These people were connected to Acts 12:1-25 and raised the Church at Antioch.

▷ The people to save China...rather than many works, they are disciples.

2. 70 Nations and 237

When you see the “70 Nations,” the 237 nations will open. At that time, the answer of the throne which is promised the most in the Bible will appear.

1) Matt. 28:16-20 - “Go to all people. Make them disciples. I’ll always be with you through all authority in Heaven and earth.”

2) Mk. 16:15-20 – The Lord who sits on the throne will work.

3) Ac. 1:3 & 8 – Jesus promised the works of God’s Kingdom. He even gave the method. No other path will work. It’s through “only Holy Spirit.”

▷ You must absolutely remember these (Main 1-3번). All associate pastors must do the “70 Disciples Movement.”

3. 70 Fields and 237

Church officers must conquer “70 Disciples” and “70 Fields.” The real answers are here. If you can set Acts 13:1, Acts 16:6, and Acts 19:1-7 in 70 regions, then it’ll be finished. This is the message for this Pastor’s Graduate School. Remember it.

▷ Real blessings are here (Main 1). The answer for the age regarding world evangelization is here (Main 2). The answer is the “70 Nations.” All church officers must find their “70 Regions.” Centered on church officers, the field has been made.

1) Matt. 4:19 - “Follow me.”

2) Mk. 3:13-15 - “I called you in order to be with you.”

3) Ac. 13:48 - “An as many as were appointed to eternal life believed.”

Church Officers - While the apostles were moving, God always prepared church officers and blessed them.

▣ Conclusion_ Answers in Advance

If you enjoy these blessings in advance, you’ll see answers. This is the standard.
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