2022.1.22 Business Missions - Three Blessings (Genesis 26:3)

Three Blessings – God had already prepared what He would accomplish through Abraham and Isaac and prepared three blessings. Isaac experienced an unforgettable incident which was extremely important. That incident became an important start.

▣ Introduction_ Ge. 22:1-19

Mt. Moriah (Death) - Suddenly, God order Isaac to be sacrificed. There was no reason.

A Ram (Christ) - Isaac was about to die, but God had prepared a ram.

The Accurate Covenant – Hold onto it and Psalm 103:20-22 will arise.

Angels - God will send His angels (vv. 20).

Heavenly Hosts - God will send His heavenly hosts (vv. 21).

Heavenly Hosts & Angels – God will mobilize heavenly hosts and angels (vv. 22).

How should you hold onto the accurate covenant and enjoy the three blessings?

1. The Stream of the Word – This exists. Grab hold of it. What’s the stream if God’s Word? Where are you?

2. The Stream of Prayer – This exists. Grab hold of it and Psalm 103:20-22 will arise.

3. The Stream of Evangelism (Calvary, Mt of Olives, & Mark’s Upper Room) – This is the stream.

Ac. 13, 16, 19 – Paul followed the works that took place in Mark’s upper room. (Ac. 13:1-4, Ac. 16:6-10, & Ac. 19:1-7). At that time, the works of Psalm 103:20-22 arose.

▣ Main_ Three Answers Given by God

1. Preparation (Ge. 26:10-22) (Missions) - God will give a hundred-fold blessings.

1) A Great Nation - “You’ll become a great nation.”

2) Offspring - “I will make your offspring as much as the dust of the earth.”

3) Physical Body - “This man shall not be your heir; your

very own son shall be your heir.”

4) The Covenant - “For your posterity, this same covenant will be given to keep.”

5) Mt. Moriah – After Isaac was born, Abraham took him to Mt. Moriah.

Ge. 22:13-19 - “All nations will be blessed through you, and your offspring will gain the gates of the enemy.”

2. Answers (Ge. 26:19 – Source of Springs) – Isaac received the source of wells.

1) Riches and Continued Wealth

2) Abraham – All of Abraham’s wells were restored.

3) The Source of Springs [Hardships] - This was promised.

3. The Future (Rehoboth) - The future was prepared.

1) Esek

2) Sitnah

3) Rehoboth

▣ Conclusion_ World Evangelization

Why must we receive blessings? They’re for the sake of world evangelization.

1. God – He knows whether or not you’re holding onto the covenant.

2. People – People will know, and they will gather.

3. Satan – He knows.

▷ Begin accurately. Grab hold of what God truly desires. In doing so, Psalm 103:20-22 will arise. It may seem as if hardships have come, but hold onto what God has prepared. It may seem as if people are tormenting you; however, discover the source. It may seem as if those around you are envious and making things difficult; however, discover the broader place. This is the economy that God gave to Abraham and Isaac. Remnants, don’t worry and uncover what God has prepared. Just follow the Word, prayer, and evangelism. Even if answers come or don’t come, just start from there. Discovering where the Word and you don’t match is uncovering the stream.
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