2022.1.22 Remnant Study of Evangelism - The Remnant’s Journey (Psalm 78:70-72)

▷ There’s a path that Remnants must take. There’s a path that all people must take. Because Remnants are important, they must see this.

▣ Introduction


More than 5 Minutes


3, 9, 3

▷ For more than five minutes, you must have a truly happy time. Through prayer, draw an image. This will definitely be imprinted in your brain and soul. In doing so, the Triune God and the blessing of the throne will be with you. Furthermore, the tremendous works regarding the “3 Fields,” and “3 Ages” will arise.

1) 3 Camps – Discover your “only,” find your “uniqueness,” and uncover your “re-creation” that others cannot do.

2) 3 Ceremonies – These refer to your lifelong talents; specialization; and the Coming-of–Age Ceremony; Missioning Ceremony; and Commissioning Ceremony that help you discover a sense of the field.

3) 3 Lighthouses – These are a platform of blessings, a lighthouse that turns on the light, and an antenna.





▷ If you receive these answers, “24” will take place; you’ll reach the top. Afterward, the answer of “25” will come. In the end, you’ll see “Eternity.”


Nobody → Everybody

many people who have reached this stage. However, Remnants can go to “24,” “25,” and “Eternity.” Going from “Nobody” to “Everybody” is a different story. The 7 Remnants possessed the answers of “24,” “25,” and “Eternity” and later, went from “Nobody” to “Everybody.”

▣ Main_ A Lifetime Journey

▷ Remnants mustn’t only look at “today,” but look at the “lifetime journey.” Among that journey is “today.” The blessings that Remnants will receive are tremendous.

1. David

1) During His Childhood – David did Psalm 78:70-72. Don’t

worry about your studies; instead, enjoy this blessing.

2) During His Youth – David met Goliath. King Saul began to get jealous.

3) During His Young Adult Years – It was Psalm 23:1-6.

4) During His Reign as King – As king, he didn’t do other things; instead, it was “only temple.”

5) During His Old Age – Through Absalom's rebellion, David discovers something amazing.

2. The Remnant’s Journey

▷ The “3 Camps,” “3 Ceremonies,” and “3 Lighthouses” are the Remnant’s Journey. Be imprinted with these. Again, don’t worry about your studies. A tremendous journey awaits.

3. Camp – What camp must Remnants do?

1) A Springboard – The past becomes a springboard.

2) The Future – “Today” is the future.

3) Today – The future is “today.” For the sake of the future, you’re sitting here and listening to the message.

▣ Conclusion_ Remnants are on the “Eternal Journey.”

▷ Remnants are going from “Nothing” to “Everything.” This the final goal. Don’t try to raise Remnants with your standards. Enter what God has prepared. Remnants, don’t be deceived; instead, grab hold of God’s covenant.

▷ David’s Confession. - “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me. I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”
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