2022.1.22 Core - February School Evangelization Message

▣ Introduction_ Remnants must keep in mind these points.

[Prayer - 3·9·3, Breathing (Inhale) - Brain, Soul, and Throne (Strength)]

The Triune God (3), 5 Powers & Throne (9), 3 Ages. Slowly breathe and pray. In doing so your brain will improve.

[Memo (The Word, Prayer, Evangelism (Occupation)) (Answers)]

Write down the Word and big answers on a memo. Also make memos that don’t have to be written down.

The Future = Positions, Time Schedule = The Seat of Conquest]

The future will be seen. Your position and time schedule will become the seat of conquest.

▣ Main

1 Samuel Who Conquered Philistia in Advance

1. Works That Took Place through Prayer

2. Conquest (1 Sam. 3:19) - “None of Samuel’s words fell to the ground.”

3. Achievements – The Mizpah movement began. All wars ceased. Samuel found David and anointed him.

2 David Who Conquered the World In Advance

1. Shepherd (Ps. 78:70-72) - It seemed as if he was lonely and alone, but, it was the preparation to become a leader.

2. Oil – Temple – David was anointed by the high priest, Samuel and was told about the Ark of the Covenant.

3. Temple Preparation – David completed the preparations for the temple.

3 Elijah Who Conquered In Advance

1. Elijah – He was a person from the countryside.

2. Misconception – Mt. Horeb – Elijah gained victory on Mt. Carmel; however, because of hardships, he fell into a misconception. He went to Mt. Horeb where God said that He would take care King Ahab. God also told him about the 7,000 disciples and to find and raise Elisha.

3. Conquest – He already defeated King Ahab and Aram.

The Throne & Spiritual Army – The blessing of the throne has already come. God has mobilized His spiritual army.

4 Elisha Who Conquered In Advance

1. Realization – Elijah, seeing many incidents, realized in advance.

2. 2 Ki. 2:9-11 (Double Portion of Spirit) - This means the

portion of the first born. That’s what he received.

3. Dothan – 100 prophets were hidden. 7,000 disciples arose. The Dothan movement arose.

▣ Conclusion

3 Camps, 3 Ceremonies, & 3 Lighthouses – 3 Camps (Only, Uniqueness, & Re-Creation), 3 Ceremonies (Coming-of-Age, Missioning, & Commissioning Ceremonies), 3 Lighthouses (Platform, Watchtower, & Antenna) will emerge.

C.V.D.I.P. - This will be made.

All – Everything is an answer of C.V.D.I.P. Everything is connected with the “Covenant.” Everything together is the “Vision” that will be fulfilled. Everything becomes a “Dream.” Everything has already become an “Image” that fulfills God’s image. Everything has changed into “Practice” and has become a masterpiece.
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