2022.1.29 Business Missions - Businessperson, Jacob’s 24 Hours (Ge. 32:23-32)

To the businesspeople and church officers, there’s something that you must do. The worship given at church, the position of church officers, and training received at headquarters contain God’s plan.

▣ Introduction

「One Word」 「One Sentence」 - One Week

Summarize the Sunday message into one word or one sentence. With it, pray throughout the week.

The Future – Regardless of answers, just ride the stream. In doing so, the future will be seen.

Acceptance – There’s one thing to be careful of. Accept whatever is different or incorrect in order to see the accurate future. If you can’t accept everything, you won’t be able to save the church.

Perfect Preparation - When God called all of you businesspeople, He already prepared everything.

「Jacob」 - Regarding businessperson Jacob, there’s a need to look at his 24 hours.

▣ Main

1. Chosen (Ge. 25:23) - God had already chosen businessperson Jacob.

1) Ge. 25:22-26 (Twins) - It began the moment he was born as a twin.

2) Rebekah (The Covenant) - Rebekah knew about Jacob’s


3) Red Stew – Jacob obtained the birthright of the firstborn.

4) Blessings – Jacob tricked his father and received blessings.

5) Flee - Bethel – While fleeing, God tells Jacob the covenant again at Bethel.

2. Wealth – God gave businessperson Jacob wealth in order to do world evangelization.

1) 20 Years (Ge. 30:1-24) - It took 20 years to gain Rachel.

2) A Man of Wealth (Ge. 31:17-21) - He becomes wealthy. God already planned to use Jacob.

3) Returning Home (Ge. 31:25-42) - Jacob deceived Laban and left.

3. The Jabbok River – God had already chosen Jacob to do world evangelization.

1) Gifts (Ge. 32:13-21) - Jacob sent gifts to his older brother.

2) Wrestled with an Angel – Hearing that his older brother was bringing and army, Jacob goes to the Jabbok River to pray.

3) Israel (Ge. 32:26-32) - It means that “you fought against man and fought with God and won.”

12 Tribes – Jacob fulfills the 12 tribes.

▣ Conclusion_ Name (24, 25, & Eternity)

24 – Changing one’s name means “24.”

25 - The answer that will come is “25.”

Eternity – The masterpiece that will be left behind is “Eternity.”

▷ Healing, answers, and power start from here.
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