2022.1.29 Remnant Study of Evangelism - Establish Spiritual Matters as Masterpieces [Elisha’s Challenge] (2 Kings 2:9-11)

▣ Introduction

▷ Realize spiritual matters and establish them as masterpieces. This is the most important mission of Remnants. The three organizations have made lavish masterpieces. “You can become like God.” (Genesis 3) That is the New Age. Movies, musicals, and music have been created in that manner. The Freemasons are one step ahead. The Freemasons do the possession movement. By doing the possession movement, they create masterpieces. They even become possessed by evil spirits and write songs. Starting now, Remnants, must think about establishing spiritual matters as masterpieces for the rest of their lives?

▣ Main

1. The Incident at Mt. Carmel (Binding Darkness) - Elisha knew this very well.

1) Obadiah (1 Ki. 18:1-15) - He was involved with the incident at Mt. Carmel.

2) 100 Prophets – Obadiah hid, protected, and raised 100 prophets.

3) An Intermediary (1 Ki. 18:16-40) - Obadiah who the intermediary who acted as a bridge between Elijah and King Ahab. In doing so, the false prophets were completely eliminated.

▷ Remnants’ prayer and work is to bind darkness. Remnants must remain inside of prayer.

2. The Incident at Mt. Horeb

1) 1 Ki. 19:1-8 (Elijah’s Time Schedule of Despair) - After gaining victory, he thought they (King Ahab and Queen Jezebel) would surrender, but they tried to kill him. The forces of darkness don’t die. They might be bound, but they’ll follow to the end.

2) 7,000 Disciples – Elijah had thought that he was only left. That was his number one misconception. God had 7,000 disciples prepared.

3) Elisha (1 Ki. 19:19-21) - “Raise Elisha and raise a successor.”

3. The Incident at Dothan

▷ Remnants must remember three points. Don’t be discouraged. All of you are the main figures who will bind the

forces of darkness. Through prayer, as you bind the forces of darkness, it’s fine even if answers don’t come. Here, there’s a time schedule to prepare a tremendous future.

1) 2 Ki. 2:1-8 - Most of the prophets and seminarians pursued their own interests and moved. Here, Remnants mustn’t be deceived and become discouraged. Elisha said that Gilgal; Bethel; and Jericho weren’t needed.

2) 2 Ki. 2:9-11 - “Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit. Grant me the firstborn’s portion.”

That was the key.

3) 2 Ki. 6:8-23 – It is the important masterpiece of Dothan. There aren’t any universities or scientists who teach spiritual matters. However, those who moved the world knew what was spiritual.

▷ During God’s important time schedule, the forces of darkness have no choice but to be bound. However, these forces don’t die. They constantly expand. That’s why Remnants must prepare what is real. They must create a spiritual masterpiece of the age.

▣ Conclusion

1. Spiritual Matters: Establish Them as Your Studies - The Reason to Study

2. Spiritual Matters: Have Specialization - Scientifically, plow into it.

3. Spiritual Matters: Establish Them as Culture - Make it necessary for a lot of people.
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