2022.1.29 Core - Concentration for Saving Me (Acts 1:1-8)

「Concentration for Saving “Me”」 - Today, for the evangelists in our nation and worldwide, it is one of the most important messages. If this takes place, whatever is late will become the fastest way. What doesn’t take place becomes the way for the greatest answer. The evangelical method to discover “me” will come out.

▣ Introduction_ 3, 6, & 11 – What Are Unseen

1. What Seems Good – What’s good is approaching.

What Seems Powerful – When it’s seen, it seems powerful.

Culture - When answers come, because they appear as culture, it’s easy to receive temptations.

2. Finding “Me” - Religion states to “find yourself.”

3. A World of Darkness – The entire world is developing, but it’s being covered in darkness.

1) Mental Illness 2) Addiction 3) Cancer

▣ Main_ The Concentration to Save the “Me” Whom God Has Made

1. Ge. 1:27 - Save it.

▷ Inside of me is the image of God that beasts don’t have.

1) Ge. 1:2-3 - In the midst of darkness, we must receive the blessing of shining the light. Receiving this is prayer, healing, and power.

2) Ge. 1:27 – God’s image will be revived.

3) The Trinity – The power of the Triune God works inside of us.

2. Ge. 2:7 – Save it.

1) Ge. 2:1-7 - God breathed into us the breath of life.

2) Ge. 2:8-16 - God prepared for us the blessings of Eden so that we could live.

3) Ge. 2:17-18 (1:28) - We were given the power to conquer and rule, but it was taken away.

3. Ge. 1:1-8 – It has been completed.

▷ Christ came and explained this answer.

1) The Triune God – Contains Christ, God’s Kingdom, and the Holy Spirit.

2) God’s Kingdom and It’s Works (40 Days) - The “key” was explained for forty days. Healing took place and all power and every mission were restored.

3) Power – A Witness - With the power from above, "You’ll become a witness of this work."

▷ Saving “me” is the most important. This is the start of prayer. Relaying this is the process of prayer. Ge.1:27, Ge. 2:7, & Ac. 1:1-8 aren’t taking place. Do this prayer.

▣ Conclusion_ The 7 Points to Save “Me”

1. The Word – One Sentence 24

For the week’s message, summarize it into one sentence or one word. This time becomes “24.” Don’t discard your memos. By doing this, you won’t lose hold of the stream.

2. Prayer – Thoughts, What You See, What You Hear, and What You Feel [Healing – Power]

Change your thoughts; what you think; what you see; what you hear; and what you feel into prayer.

3. The Church – Calvary, Mt. of Olives, and Mark's Upper Room

Don’t judge what happens at church; instead, enjoy three points. You possess the covenant of Calvary. You’ve been dispatched from the Mt. of Olives. You’ll be commissioned from Mark’s upper room.

4. Occupation – 3 Camps

In order to always discover “only,” do “Future Camp.” Until “uniqueness” always comes, do “Prayer Camp.” Until “re-creation” is always seen, do “Talent Camp.”

5. RT – 3 Ceremonies

Help Remnants discover their lifelong talents through the Coming-of-Age Ceremony. Nurture Remnants regarding their lifelong specializations through the Missioning Ceremony. Help them see their lifelong fields through the Commissioning Ceremony.

6. Evangelism (Missions) - Platform, Watchtower, & an Antenna

Make myself into a platform. Make myself into a watchtower. Make myself into an antenna that communicates spiritually.

7. Healing – Deep Prayer

Real healing is discarding impatience (hastiness) and doing deep prayer that enjoys leisure.
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