2022.1.29 Scattered Disciples - The Second Camp – Uniqueness Camp (Acts 2:1-47)

For those who work at church and at headquarters, if all of you can organize the message into one word or sentence, you’ll receive the greatest blessing. If not, absolutely, a day of trials will come and all of you will end up leaving. If the entire message and the pastor’s pulpit message are imprinted in you, all of you will undoubtedly have total victory. Pastors who give sermons are messengers who run errands for God. If that is lost hold of, the individual will fail.

Muslim nations and China have reasons for blocking evangelism. They don’t want needless things entering that cause the “domino effect.” All we need to do is relay the Gospel. With good things, raise the “domino effect” and knock down the bad things with the Gospel. If the Gospel truly helps China, it won’t be blocked.

「The Second Camp – Uniqueness Camp」 - The unique person and the unique Gospel to save China are needed.

1. The Last Promise

1) Ac. 1:1 – Christ

2) Ac. 1:3 – Christ Himself proclaimed “the works pertaining to God’s Kingdom.”

3) Ac. 1:8 - “Only Holy Spirit.”

▷ The answer here is “uniqueness.”

2. Assurance and Mission

▷ The assurance of Christ is needed. The mission regarding the answer of “uniqueness” must be possessed. Throughout the entire land of China, God’s blessing of His Kingdom being established isn’t the only content that must be held onto, but the mission must be possessed as well. You already possess “only.” Having the assured mission and being raised is “uniqueness.”

1) Ac. 1:11 - Time – Look at the time schedule.

2) Ac. 1:12 - Commission – Commissioned from the Mt. of Olives with That Mission

3) Ac. 1:14 – Gathering – Because they had gathered at Mark’s upper room, “uniqueness” had no choice but to come.

3. Camp - Holding onto this, the second camp was accomplished.

1) Ac. 2:1-14 – The Greatest Promise - The greatest promise in the Bible didn’t come upon Herod’s Temple, it was established in Mark’s upper room.

2) Ac. 2:9-11 - 237 - The multiethnic disciples to save the 237 gathered in Mark’s upper room.

3) Ac. 2:14-21 - Message – The message that God desired the most arose here.

4) Ac. 2:41-42 – 3,000 Disciples – Worship - Along with the 3,000 disciples, worship was revived.

5) Ac. 2:46-47 – Every Day – Every day in the temple and at home and in the Word and field, God’s Word and the answer of “uniqueness” will continuously come to your occupation.

▷ Religion and ideologies mustn’t enter China. The Gospel must enter. The light of the “uniqueness” must shine. In doing so, that nation can save the world.
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